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Multivarka changed the presentation of many of the kitchen and became a true friend to many people. However, since Multivarki - devices on the market are relatively new, many are not well versed in them. How to choose multivarku so that the price and quality were the most optimal ratio and not overpay for unnecessary features? This article will help you to be sure to make the right choice.

What multivarka
What is multivarka? In fact, multivarka stemmed from the pressure cooker. But this statement is not entirely correct, because multivarka is a combination of several appliances: cookers, rice cookers, kashevarki, steamer and bread maker.

industrial pressure canner

In the market there are also simple versions multivarok, which have limited capacity. What is important and what is not - it's up to you, but buying a fully functional multivarku, you get a guarantee that you do not need anything, then your device is not able to in the future. This is the main plus Multivarki as one unit saves space and money, because even the most feature-rich and expensive multivarka from the eminent manufacturer will be much cheaper than the five separate appliances lesser-known brands.

How to choose multivarku

The principle of Multivarki
If we describe the device and operation Multivarki briefly, it is a container with non-stick coating, which acts as a heat treatment of vegetables, meat and pastry creation.

The whole process of preparing a multivarka occurs due to heating elements that are uniformly heated hermetic vessel. At the same time the preparation is significantly reduced while maintaining the beneficial properties and qualities of the products.

fissler vitaquick pressure cooker review
Any multivarka includes, disposed within the housing and cup. In a bowl, and there is the cooking process itself, and the body acts as a thermos, not letting the heat go beyond the device. Heating occurs by heating elements located in the lower part and additional top and side heaters.

In the upper part, as well as in the pressure cooker is a special steam valve that can regulate the pressure inside Multivarki. At the bottom of the water trap is located, where the condensate excess leave. All control over the work performed by a microprocessor, which controls the user with an electronic menu, there is also the display for easy setting and a timer for counting the cooking time.

If multivarka a steamer mode, the set also includes an additional container for steaming, installed instead of a stationary unit inside the bowl. All of this can be found in virtually every multivarka, but when a large part of the functional and technical expands, so that updates can be found elements that we have not described.

Multivarka, in simple terms - this is a common pot, which has a heating element. The principle of operation with it the same as when cooking on the stove. But most of the heat plate towards the leaves; fried, stewed food or soup, then constantly in contact with the air; and that is important - when cooking on the stove it is necessary to constantly monitor the entire process.

In multivarka all these defects have been remedied, simply fill up the ingredients and choose the program you want, all you can go watch TV until the instrument will signal that everything is ready. Despite the fact that all the products are put together in ever multivarka product will not be properly prepared. All will always be perfect, so that housewives are not very experienced, it is a smart opportunity to surprise their loved ones.

The device Multivarki


Selecting Multivarki General Settings
Manufacturers produce a huge amount of multivarok models to meet the needs of customers in all price categories. Most people are lost in the selection, which is not surprising in this range.
What options does multivarka and which ones need to pay attention in the first place in the selection? Let's look in more detail.


Type Multivarki
The first thing to understand is - is what type you are interested in Multivarki. That is, it will be a full range of functions or only multivarka with stew and simmer. And if you are looking for rice cookers only mode, and then will multivarka respectively, with a single program. Plus such a choice in price, because the appliance with a cooking program will cost much cheaper than, say, ten.

Types multivarok

Power Multivarki
Power multivarok can range from hundreds of watts to two kilowatts. There is nothing to analyze, because the more power will be multivarka, the less time required for cooking. But if you liked the two models of the same size but different capacity, better to take one where power is greater. Multivarki not cook very quickly and with low power, this process can take a long time. It is a mistake to think that buying a unit capacity of up to 500 W, you'll save on electricity, because the work will increase, and thus a waste of electricity will be the same, or even more.

Power Multivarki

volume Multivarki
Volume Multivarki is one of the most important parameters in the selection. It determines whether or not enough food, cooked at one time for the whole family. Multivarok variance can be huge, it can vary from 2 to 10 liters. The most popular sizes are Multivarki capacity of 4.5 liters, which is enough for a family of 3-4 person. Due Date is not worth taking, because the cook twice fail. We have already mentioned that the process of cooking in multivarka long, a little more than usual for classic dishes and complex for 4 hours or more. It would therefore be correct if you choose multivarku a bit more, especially if you often take visitors. Price is not greatly increased, and cook for 5 liters multivarka dinner for two or even for a single person - not a problem.

volume Multivarki

Modes Multivarki
Each multivarka has a list of modes. There may be from 1 to infinity. It all depends on the price and functionality. Select a maximum possible, if you have the financial ability, and you will really use all these functions.

According to statistics, in most situations, for a comfortable cooking missing up to 10 programs with manual override. That is, to enter the time, temperature and so forth, can be made besides ten dishes prepared hundreds of others. If you want to save, select enough multivarku with a list of basic programs and the ability to program the device to work on their own:


The program for the stew cooking at a low temperature, which is around 100-105 degrees. Stew can be meat, and vegetables, cereals and so on.

Bakery products

The program makes multivarku bread machine. cooking temperature in this mode of about 180 degrees. Suitable for baking pies, cakes, and for frying meat and the like.


The temperature in this regime is 100 degrees. The ideal program for soups, but can be used for cooking stewed fruit, although sometimes there is a separate program "compote".


Makes multivarku steamer, the bottom is filled with water, installed a special vessel with food and everything is cooked at a temperature of 100 degrees and "a couple".


cooking cereals clean mode at a temperature of 100 degrees.


Mode makes multivarku rice cooker. The process takes place at a temperature of 100 degrees, but after evaporation of all the water is fried ingredients. This mode can be prepared and potatoes, pasta and the like.

Milk porridge

Especially convenient mode for moms, it's really fast, and it turns out, and delicious. To stand and watch from the cooker, so that nothing escaped, did not have to. All you need - just add all the ingredients and turn multivarku.


Especially for the preparation of home-based yogurt ferment. Operating temperature of 40 degrees is ideal in order to achieve the correct result.


Keeping food warm, after cooking. Sometimes this feature is called the maintenance of the heat.

Delayed start

It allows you to cook the food to the position of the time without your presence.

With the help of above 10 most popular programs can prepare most famous dishes. Many additional programs multivarok expensive, it is almost the same, but with small changes.

For example, "Hot" mode - almost the same as the "Baking" mode "Rice" - is almost the same as "Buckwheat" or "pilaf", "Spaghetti" mode - again, almost the same mode "pilaf". It turns out that much difference multivarok 6-8 and 20-50 programs there. And given the manual setting, which is sometimes referred to as "own recipes" or "Multipovar", you can make any multivarku cook virtually everything your heart desires.

modes of operation

Durability Multivarki
The element, which is usually the first fails, a bowl Multivarki. In most cases, it is made of stainless steel, since this embodiment is the cheapest. In such multivarka food sometimes is burnt, and it is clear the whole problem.

It is better to acquire multivarku with non-stick coating. It is of three kinds: Teflon, ceramic and marble.

Most often on the market can be found Multivarki Teflon or ceramic coating, but each of them has its pros and cons.

Ceramic coating more resistant to scratches and easy to clean.

Teflon - with proper care longer retains its non-stick properties and is not afraid chipping. Service life, oddly enough, in ceramics is higher than that of Teflon, but non-stick properties on the contrary, persist longer in Teflon cups. Another plus Teflon coating is that it can not be afraid to wash in a dishwasher, ceramic can also give it a crack. Many people recommend when choosing a bowl with Teflon coating, immediately buy silicone spoon for cleaning. As practice shows, even spoons, reaching complete the instrument, capable of scratching delicate surfaces. Especially if multivarka inexpensive and Teflon layer is very thin.

Ceramic and Teflon coating

Tips decided to buy multivarku
Consider a few nuances that can help in choosing the perfect Multivarki. The power cord for this type of appliance may be connected directly or connected to the housing of the device through the slot. Choose better without nest, as sometimes happens, that in cases of failure or incorrect operation of escaping liquid fills this compound, which is extremely dangerous.

Also, when choosing Multivarki should pay attention to build quality. It is not important what material is made multivarka - made of plastic or metal. The main thing - how it is made.

After cooking in multivarka, it should always be washed. We have already discussed what better surface laundered, but it concerns the most bowls, and there is also a body.

Inside, it also should be cleaned, as well as the top cover. At the same time, it is desirable that the upper part can also be removed for proper care.

Each multivarka have a steam valve through which excess steam comes out. He often becomes clogged and must be cleaned time to time. If the valve is completely clogged, multivarka can fail, so do not neglect it.

Multivarka - one of the most popular devices on any kitchen.

You do not have to stand in the cooking process at the stove, everything is prepared automatically.

Minerals, trace elements and vitamins in the products prepared in multivarka more.

It is easy to clean.

You can prepare diet meals, which is especially important for people who are on a diet

You can also program the cooking in advance and go to bed.

Taste dishes from Multivarki always much better, because cooking takes place in a power saving mode.

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